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Why I regret not joining up Partner Program Earlier !

Another follow me and I follow you article

Jason Huynh
3 min readFeb 10, 2022


It was 2020. I just found out about Medium.

It seemed like a scam.

Write something, someone else does your marketing, and get paid — too good to be true.

It took me two years of mulling over this, then I finally thought, “Yes, I want to be a paid writer”.

I created myself a Medium account and headed straight over to the Partner Program pages.

Damn! To join up, you need 100 followers to sign up.

I clearly remember 2 years ago that I didn’t need 100 followers.

“Scam again!” I cursed to myself.

And, now here I am writing something that will somehow get me 100 followers.

Here’s something impressive I can tell you:

I’ve been writing on Medium consistently for 2 weeks and I can tell you that I managed to increase my followers by 100%.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

But, if you look at my number of followers, I’ve only got 6 followers.

What does this tell you?

I only had 3 followers in the first place.

So, I’m not that impressive after all.

Furthermore, if I do the maths, it will take me 63 weeks to get 100 followers. ((100–6)/1.5 average followers per week))

I guess I have to be here for the long game — I definitely regret not joining up 2 years ago.

Rather than giving up so soon, my research on Medium has given me some ideas to get to 100 followers faster.

The first idea is to publish consistently. And, I did publish consistently, just not with any publications. I can proudly tell you that I got a few claps but no followers. The claps were good for my ego.

The second idea was to publish with a publication. This was hard because I didn’t know what my niche was at the start. I tried writing a variety of things such as personal growth, health and finance-like everyone else. But, it seemed like finance was my best fit and even some of my articles were accepted into publications. This alone helped to grow followers to 1.5 followers a week.

As a side note, I’ll tell you what’s ironic — sure I might write about finance but I haven’t even made a dollar from Medium yet.

The third idea was to sign up for Medium membership and comment on absolutely every article I could find. The only thing is that I don’t have 5 dollars to spare. Yes — I’m a bit cheap but I’ll tell you something: raising a child isn’t too cheap either. Also, I want to have a crack at making money on Medium the hard way. (“To have a crack at something” is Australian English for “to try something”)

The last idea is to do this article thing where you tell people that if they follow you, you’ll follow them back. If you’ve managed to read this far, I guess that’s the purpose of this article. Call this my sneaky call to action that Medium doesn’t encourage us to do often.

But to be brutally honest, it’s only worth following me if you’re interested in problem solving financial puzzles like how to invest in NFTs or other financial conundrums.

But otherwise, I’m totally cool following you if you follow me. I might even read what you write — just being honest.

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